Alignment: CE

Form: A fire elemental of enormous size he scorches everything around him. He can change size at will and while often angry, destructive and hateful he can be mischievous and deceiving.

Portfolios: Strife, Chaos, Destruction, Thieves

Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Fire, Hatred, Illusion, Madness, Suffering, Trickery, War, Wrath

Story: The elemental lord of fire was filled with ambition to rein the entire world from the moment the world was created. His eternal war on the other elemental lords and his constant search for more power slowly corrupted his mind. When he finally found a way to obtain some of the divine essence from the time of the creation he was a mad and destructive harbinger of chaos. He ascended godhood and became a god of such madness that even the darkest of demons finds his dogma insane.


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