Alignment: NE

Title: The Devourer

Form: Kaniroth appears as a huge beast, constantly changing between the forms of different predators, ridden by disease.

Portfolios:  Beasts, Disease, Night, Hunting

Domains: Animal, Cavern, Darkness, Decay, Endurance, Evil, Feast, Force, Hatred, Hunger, Orc, Pestilence, Shadow, Spider, Strength, Transformation, Wrath

Story: Kaniroth was once an orc hunter. He hunted the biggest game he could; he wanted to hunt the gods. He caught up with Arcazol thinking he could take him down, but when he reached the dark lord he found himself outmatched by far. The dark lord were amused by his hubris and instead of killing him he cursed Kaniroth, he made him one with the corpses of all the beasts he had slain. Kaniroth emerged as a huge disease-ridden beast, in his madness he continued hunting and after a great deal of hunting the corners of the world he found some divine essence and became a god.


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