Alignment: LN

Title: The Seeker

Form: A humanoid figure draped in a hooded rope of simple fabric. Sometimes the old god appears a many headed hydra however this is mostly a shape he is known to take in the dreams of his followers.

Portfolios: Death, Travel, Dreams, Fate

Domains: Destiny, Death, Dream, Fate, Law, Meditation, Oracle, Pact, Planning, Portal, Time, Travel, Undead

Story: In the wake of the first dragon war not much was left however the powerful mage Elgard rose to prominence alongside his good friend Masir a man of most unique descent. The two battled many a foe and at some point they found themselves faced with the mighty demon king Tar-Veail-Sek. The demon was felled however Masir joined him soon after in death and there the two of them battled a titanic battle for lordship over the dead. Masir in the end prevailed and became the god of death. From his shadow throne he developed his power and soon he ruled over many aspects of reality. Tar-Veail-Sek would however not be caged and fled to Hell where he rules one of the demonic cities. 


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